Monday, May 19, 2014

Why the hell would anyone want to live on Soylent?

Here's a really good article from entitled "Why the hell would anyone want to live on Soylent?"  the author, David Cain, had this to say in the comment section:

"This is a major theme in some of the critical articles, that the introduction of this product is the first step in a joyless dystopian society.
We are already consuming un-inspiring, un-interesting food for reasons of convenience in great quantities. The problem is that these foods are incredibly unhealthy.
The act of preparing something wholesome to eat three times a day has been a huge problem for a large swath of society for decades. There may be people out there who manage to fulfill the requirements of their careers, families, creative pursuits and bodily health quite well using conventional food practices, but they definitely do not constitute the majority of people, at least where I live.
It’s just a product. Not everyone is going to find a reason to buy it, but I think there is a greater need for this than many critics realize."

Check it out.  It's a great read!

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